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Kris Buckle’s video song blog part 10 #krisbucklesongblog

03 June 2013

Hey guy’s,
Welcome to part 10 of my video song blog where I’m journeying through songs I’ve written over the years. This one’s from the early 2000/late 90s. It’s called Nu-Fella and I guess has a Beck vibe going on. Anyway, hope you enjoy and make sure you grab a glass to toast the 10th episode with me:)

Hey guy’s,

Welcome to part 10 of my video song blog where I’m journeying through songs I’ve written over the years. This one’s from the early 2000/late 90s. It’s called Nu-Fella and I guess has a Beck vibe going on. Anyway, hope you enjoy and make sure you grab a glass to toast the 10th episode with me.



Kris Buckle’s song blog part 9 ‘Down’ #krisbucklesongblog

10 May 2013

Hey guys,

Welcome to part 9 of my video song blog where I’m traveling through songs I’ve written over the years. This one was written 1999/2000ish I think and is called ‘Down’. Stay tuned at the end of the video for a little tour of my recently finished studio room and a blast of the original demo.

Kris Buckle song blog part 7 ‘Waiting in Line’ #krisbucklesongblog

11 April 2013

Hey guys,

Sorry about the delay with this one but between moving house and destroying my laptop I’ve been a bit tied up. This track is called ‘Waiting in Line’ and was written around 1997. When I performed this track at college we had a special guest by the name of Bernard Purdie who’s recorded drums with the likes of Aretha Franklin, Gil Scott-Heron, Isaac Hayes, Cat Stevens,The Rolling Stones and Miles Davis among many others. Need I say more, the guys had an amazing career. He sat in on our performances and judged each of us.

He gave he’s honest opinion on people’s work and some of it wasn’t nice but he loved this track and got up and played it with me. It was a real moment for me, I have the recording on cassette and the guy has an exceptional groove without doubt!!!

Kris Buckle

Kris Buckle video blog No:1 Flies in the Mirror #krisbucklesongblog

02 March 2013

Hey folks,

This is the first in a number of video blogs I plan to upload documenting songs I’ve written since I first started. This track is called ‘Flies in the Mirror’ which I wrote when I was about 16. Hope you like it, feel free to comment. I’ll try to upload every week to keep a steady flow. The next track will be ‘She’s the Pain’, no guessing what that’s about.

Kris Buckle

Doh!!! Maybe not.

02 October 2012

Erm, maybe I haven’t decided on a cover to upload. Just seen some other folks doing the track I chose and I’ve had a change of heart. Back to the drawing board!

YouTube Cover

30 September 2012

Right I think I’ve got a cover picked! Not sure it’ll serve the purpose but I’ll have a go anyway. It’s got over 5 million hits so it must be popular. We’ll see how we go. I might get a chance to do something later today, vocal chords permitting. Anyone else got this cold that’s going round?

First rehearsal Thursday next week!!

28 September 2012

So, I have a few game plans for the next few months. Firstly I’m sorting out the line up for live shows and am well pleased to be rehearsing with an old collage mate next week. Henrik Jenson is an amazing bass player and I’m hoping we’ll gel when we rehears on Thursday. I’m going to take my laptop to do a vid for YouTube so if it goes well I’ll post something. For now it’ll be guitar, vocals and double bass but I’ve got ideas for other instrumentation it just depends on who I can find. We’ll see hey. If all goes well we’ll be putting on some shows in the next month or so. Recording and showcase news to follow. Here’s a bit of Double Bass and guitar working magic together!

Try to Make it Easy (My Love)

01 September 2012

Just uploaded this little track I’ve been playing with of late. Hope you like it.

Click here

Probably the last gig in London

31 January 2011

Probably the last gig in London
Monday, February 28 at 19:00
596 Holloway Rd

Entry £3  (Just found out the venue has a door charge)

So folks,

This is probably my last gig in London before my big move down under. Myself and some of my best friends are putting on the night and we’ve plans to do some tracks together as well as our own sets.

On the night we have Peter Black who is without doubt the sickest Classical and Spanish style guitarist I know. Anyone who knows Pete will have heard him on the wind down of a party playing some jaw dropping stuff. Never ceases to create a silence when he plays. We’re honoured to have him bless this stage as the boy wouldn’t normally get out of bed for less than £££££££ let alone for free. Here’s his web link:

We’ve also got the soundest chap you’d want to meet Michael Mullinger. I’ve known Michael since he was about 13 years old and used to teach him a bit of guitar but now the boys grown up and has been making his mark on the London circuit of late and is creating quite a name for himself. Great playing, lyrics, and voice. Check his link:

It’d be lovely to see you there folks. I plan to play a mixed bag of really old tracks that hardly anyone’s heard, some of my favourite podcasts, some new stuff and some tracks from my last album.

We also have special guests such as Shanks playing percussion who plays a mean hang drum among other weird worldly shizzle! And perhaps guest bass and drums yet to be confirmed.

Official set times will follow shortly.

See you there………..And bring your twisting shoes!!

Podcast break! Album announcement.

15 November 2010


So I mentioned this the other day on twitter but for those who didn’t catch it here’s an update. I’m on tour at the moment playing some guitar in Liam Baileys band. I’ve been listening to my demo’s on the bus and have decided that instead of releasing and Ep I’m going to put an album together as I think I have enough material to do it and the demo’s sound massive so I’m really excited. I’ve got roughly 12 tracks I need to record and have made the decision to give the podcast a rest for a bit in order to free up the time to record the album. As you know I’m unsigned so I’ll be putting it together in my spare time and need to free up as much as possible. I personally can’t wait to hear the finished product.

Also, I’m well into the idea of printing the finished album up on vinyl. I love that stuff and know that there’s a lot of folks out there like myself. The only thing is that most companies I’ve found that press vinyl have a minimum order. I’m not sure how many I’d sell so I’d like to get an idea of how many folks out there would like a copy of my next album on vinyl? I think the best thing to do also would be to give a copy of mp3’s or wave files away free with every copy sold so you’d still be able to stick it on your mp3 player or burn a CD but have the luxury of a lovely 12″ record with artwork in full. Sounds good to me.

Anyone who’d like to buy a vinyl copy of my next release leave a comment here on my website so I can get an idea of the figures.

Here’s that taster demo again:

Thanks muchly

Kris Buckle