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Podcast break! Album announcement.

15 November 2010


So I mentioned this the other day on twitter but for those who didn’t catch it here’s an update. I’m on tour at the moment playing some guitar in Liam Baileys band. I’ve been listening to my demo’s on the bus and have decided that instead of releasing and Ep I’m going to put an album together as I think I have enough material to do it and the demo’s sound massive so I’m really excited. I’ve got roughly 12 tracks I need to record and have made the decision to give the podcast a rest for a bit in order to free up the time to record the album. As you know I’m unsigned so I’ll be putting it together in my spare time and need to free up as much as possible. I personally can’t wait to hear the finished product.

Also, I’m well into the idea of printing the finished album up on vinyl. I love that stuff and know that there’s a lot of folks out there like myself. The only thing is that most companies I’ve found that press vinyl have a minimum order. I’m not sure how many I’d sell so I’d like to get an idea of how many folks out there would like a copy of my next album on vinyl? I think the best thing to do also would be to give a copy of mp3’s or wave files away free with every copy sold so you’d still be able to stick it on your mp3 player or burn a CD but have the luxury of a lovely 12″ record with artwork in full. Sounds good to me.

Anyone who’d like to buy a vinyl copy of my next release leave a comment here on my website so I can get an idea of the figures.

Here’s that taster demo again:

Thanks muchly

Kris Buckle

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  1. Richard Cleveley

    22 November 2010


    My name is Richard and I work for Shamrock Solutions. I actually met you at a gig in Islington some months back – maybe even last year. I don’t know if you remember but I introduced myself as being involved with the company which put the investors together to fund you last album. I last spoke to your manager Robin Greatrex about 2 months ago by email. Is he still your manager? Could you call me on 07789 076645 of contact me by email to talk about yoir last album, status of your management and the possibility of us once again becoming involved with your new album. I should emphasize we are not a management company but a funding institution. Give me a call.


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