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Vat 2 Bunbury 16th Dec 3pm-6pm

15 December 2018

I’m posting this here in hope that some of the folks I told about this gig last night see. Unfortunately the original time has changed and I’ll now be playing 3pm-6pm. Please note this is predominantly a covers gig but I may pepper the night with some of my own material.

Kris Buckle

Blast from the past – All those days

15 December 2018

I just came across this video while clearing up some backed up files. Rewind to 2009. This was the song chosen by the label I was with at the time as a single from my album ‘Birds that fly and other things’. The video was shot by Jon Diamond of Lipsync post who among other things is known for his work on the John Lennon movie ‘Nowhere boy’. I don’t believe this was the final edit but it’s the only version I came across. Shot in Epping Forest back home in sunny England.

Back in the saddle

04 December 2018

Recent changes have inspired me to begin recording a new Kris Buckle EP. I’ve been so busy with other projects, bringing up a family and still am but I feel like the time has come to put some acoustic tracks down again. There are many tracks I never got round to recording so I’ll be searching through the demos and will pull 4 or 5 for a new EP. I feel alive with music at the moment! I’m pumped, this is going to be a magical body of work. Stay tuned